"The times, they are a-changin'"

So: here we are. The first post. Oh, the pressure! I should mention that the title of this entry is thanks to Bob Dylan, one of the great loves of my life. Everyone needs a great love or two, especially if they can produce something as great as "Like A Rolling Stone", a song Bruce Springsteen -- another great love of mine -- once said "[sounds] like somebody'd kicked open the door to your mind." It is pretty spectacular, but enough about kicking doors and great loves.

I'm Sarah, and this is a food blog; I hope that hasn't put you off your dinner. I understand how ubiquitous food blogs are these days. I also happen to think it's kind of rad. If this were 1998, this would be Aubergine: Version 2.0, but since it is not, we'll simply say this blog has been revamped to reflect my life in Toronto in lieu of the time I spent down South. I write this blog to document my experiences with food and with others, to share the stories encompassed in those experiences, and to record recipes I'm especially partial to.

I grew up in southwestern Ontario, spent several months in Tallahassee, FL., and now live in downtown Toronto. I have a Bachelor's degree in English Literature, a minor in history, a Master's degree in creative writing, and a post-graduate diploma in Book Publishing. It all sounds so very pretentious, rah rah.

For a long time I thought I would teach English, and later, after the notion went out with the bath water, I envisioned myself pursuing a PhD in an aloof, distant sort of way; the reality didn't hold up. Until last summer, I believed I would work in publishing, that I would edit for an educational or trade publisher and write on the side. I'm not sure if any of those are right. Until I figure it out I will try my damndest to land a job doing anything (well, almost) by being a cover letter-writing maven of sorts, listening to Bob Dylan, optimistically checking my inbox and voicemail, reading fantastic books (and how!), subsisting on a diet of daytime television and lukewarm coffee, and writing this blog. Plans for the upcoming year include finding work (!), getting out as often as possible, reading more fantastic books, writing as much as possible, and eating as many red currants as I can get my fingers on.

Yes, red currants.

I love red currants, I love July, I love Toronto.


Meg said...

This makes me very very happy :)

S. said...

Aww, good, I'm glad.

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