Melon for the melting

Notable things:

-The fantastic gluten-free pizza and organic Shiraz my uncle treated me to on Thursday. I was so excited (and impatient) by the arrival of my pizza, that I burnt the roof of my mouth royally. No matter; my tastebuds were in full motion. I ate like a champ. Their tomato sauce is so good, and the pizza so delicious that it renders the hour wait worthwhile. It is so good, in fact, that I don't even need the toppings (though I'll take kalamata olives any day of the week.) I wish I could remember the name of the Shiraz, because it, too, was pretty delicious.

-In honour of this heat wave, I purchased three slurpees and one giant, neon green freezie in the last week. I'm sure these are the types of things people generally don't admit to other people, but I have no shame. As I chomped on that freezie while walking across Dundas, you can bet everyone was jealous. Look at that freezie! said their faces. Oh, I know.

-Getting an Ontario watermelon (whatever that means anymore) for $1.99 and two pounds of red grapes for $.79 (however, points removed for having to carry that melon back to my apartment from Chinatown -- drats, my impulses!)

-Cadbury fruit and nut milk chocolate bars. I love dark chocolate -- oh, do I ever. But sometimes a girl just needs some milk chocolate. Especially accompanied by homemade iced coffee with extra milk. And especially accompanied by a couple episodes of Sex and the City: "The Cold War" where Carrie is seen with Petrovsky eating oysters and drinking champagne at Pastis and "Splat!". All of the cozying up and lush sweaters tempt me; I want to cuddle on the sofa with a book and a hot cup of tea (sweetened with black cherries, of course.) But I don't. I don't, readers, because it is 93°F outside. My face is melting off. I do love hopping in and out of a cold shower, though.

-I'm compiling all of my recipes tonight. I tried a few months ago, but took a break that lasted, well, until now. It's a big project. Thus the chocolate. And the iced coffee.

-The city smells of street meat. Mmm.

-I've heard the last dazzling review I need of SOMA's hot chocolate. As soon as it cools down enough to enjoy a hot beverage other than my morning coffee, you'll know where to find me.

Until then, I'll be washing dishes and recipe-filing.


Samantha Angela said...

Fruit and nut is some amazing milk chocolate.

Everything at SOMA is delicious, I wouldn`t wait for the hot chocolate. I bought some Mayan hot chocolate to make at home and it was fantastic. Matt bought me a box of their truffles before and they were really good. The DOuglas Fir was interesting. It tasted like a Christmas tree.

S. said...

I agree on all counts. I heard their Mayan hot chocolate is amazing -- it's the one I'm looking to try. When I went with Kim, we each had a truffle (I tried the balsamic) and it was really, really good. Mmm. Chocolate.

Joanne said...

Some milk chocolate and SATC is really what I should be doing today instead of going to class. Really.

Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen) said...

I am sure there once was a day when I would hop on my bike and ride to the local Mac's milk for a freezie or Mountain Dew splurpee too... though at this point, the mere though kinda makes my teeth want to jump out of my face. In this heat though- anything is possible.

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