The girl who emerged from the fourteenth century

When you are almost virtually alone in a large city, sometimes the loneliness is palpable. Certainly being employed is comforting. The routine of the everyday provides its own rhythms. But as anyone who works the cubicle life knows, work alone is hardly enough to sustain a person. Well, most people. My grandfather might’ve been an exception to the rule.

But, as they say, in life, change is the only constant. And so on a bright Saturday morning, I found myself bartering for used dining chairs, chairs that remind me of sitting around my Nan’s table eating roast pork and fruit salad. It was the kind of Saturday where you drink entirely too much coffee and spend entirely too long looking through clothing racks trying to differentiate the tops from the dresses. The kind of Saturday where you race to the subway only to find you’ve missed the latest train, but spot a friend there instead. “Hey!” you say, greeting him. You lend a sympathetic ear. When he approaches the topic of texting, he mocks you for not having a cell phone. “I’m a little old-fashioned,” I say. “You’re from the fourteenth century,” he tells you.

“Except that I wear pants,” I retort, smiling.

It’s the kind of weekend that involves movies and popcorn. In particular, air-popped popcorn with chili flakes, sea salt and olive oil.

Popcorn with Chili Flakes, Sea Salt and Olive Oil

Yields 1 good-sized bowl

Popcorn kernels, about ½ cup
Sea salt
Chili flakes
Drizzle of olive oil

Pop kernels according to the direction s on your air-popper. Alternatively, you could pop the kernels on the stove or opt for plain microwave popcorn. Drizzle in olive oil and mix thoroughly to coat all kernels. Sprinkle generously with sea salt and as many chili flakes as you’d like. Serve immediately. Makes good leftovers (in my opinion.)


Andrea Paterson said...

Congrats on resisting cellphones. I have to say that I resisted until today and sadly was forced to get a cellphone due to a move into a place where a land line isn't going to be a possibility. I would have stayed in teh 14th Century otherwise. :)

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