Adventures still unnamed

Dear reader, I'd like to say something, but I'm all out of words lately. I'm devoting an awful lot of brain activity to a correspondance class on holistic nutrition, book research and plotting my next big move. In the event you were unaware, Torontonians are infamously loyal where neighbourhoods are concerned. In the two years I've lived here I've learned that you are either a West-ender (as in West of the Don Valley Parkway) or an East-ender, and while I consider myself an East-ender, I've been charmed by some of the West's lovely aspects: namely High Park, but also terrific coffee shops, cute diners, unique cocktail bars, old movie theatres, adorable rental apartments, and a sweet neighbourhood vibe. This year my goals include becoming a better runner, attending yoga classes regularly and, inspired by this excellent article on the so-called Danish Paradox, trolling around town on a bike.

This is my 100th post. Wee! Made it. I wish I had something significant to say, but I do not. I ate Balderson sharp white cheddar this weekend and drank some really delicious Australian Shiraz and a tasty Chianti, and there was popcorn with olive oil and cracked black pepper, so perhaps that is significant enough. Mostly I've been trying to feel very grateful and to remind myself that I am very lucky, and to take very good care of myself and my health. This seems significant enough.

This weekend was met with a slobby Golden Retriever, two gentlemen and a bottle (or five) of red wine. The first night was spent relaxing and generally unwinding from a busy week, and I spent all of Saturday studying, reading and eating -- bacon-wrapped steak, barbecued potatoes stuffed with butter and onions that caramelized perfectly over the heat, and a pile of Greek salad. We bundled up and sipped on super strong coffee while watching the Supermoon come up over the lake, the bonfire howling. And Sunday we ate a hearty breakfast and kayaked and learned about the weeds that grow in the lake, and we all grew sad at the thought of having to return to the realities and daily grind of urban life. I miss it already.

Fortunately summer is finally on spring's heels and it doesn't look like it will be long yet. I'm so excited for warm weather, for patio drinks with friends, for road trips, and for adventures still unnamed.


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